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April 26 2017

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Vintage IWW 4 hour workday prints

Can you imagine? Would give us so much more rest and free time.

The average office worker is only productive for 3 hours a day.

Every article talking about this study talks about how bosses can squeeze more labor out of workers, or how workers can squeeze more labor out of themselves, but the reality is that the human brain only has so much capacity to focus on unpleasant tasks, and people generally won’t work more than that without the threat of force (like in manual and service industry jobs where work is easily quantified and workers are being monitored all the time to make sure they don’t slack off; the threat of being fired and losing one’s ability to eat is the threat of force). People in hunter-gatherer societies do about that same amount of work.


The working day isn’t only about productivity, it’s about keeping you busy too, so you’ll have no time do to other things (like study, discover that you can fight back capitalism, organize, things like that).

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April 05 2017


School for 12 years, college for 4 years, then you work until you die.


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April 02 2017

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Was ist Soup.io?
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March 25 2017

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March 23 2017

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Business Cat - postrach korposzczurów.

March 21 2017

March 17 2017

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Pusheen the cat making some chemistry.

That cat is not wearing safety goggles, he hasn’t even bothered to clean up that spilled solvent, and he is holding that Erlenmeyer flask way too close to his face.

Pusheen the Cat, more like Pusheen the limits of lab safety

March 15 2017

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March 13 2017

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i like this one

For a second I was expecting something different and was really enraged

fucking bless whoever made this

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March 12 2017

Don't know how to fix your computer
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March 08 2017

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March 04 2017

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